Hardwood Flooring Questions

hardwood flooring questionsDo you have some hardwood flooring questions to ask? Hardwood flooring is a substantial purchase. The variety of floors to choose from seems almost limitless. Here are some answers to frequently asked hardwood questions that should be of good assistance in selecting the ideal wood floor. [Read more...]

Wood Hardness Testing

wood hardness testing by heel damageWood hardness testing methods are used to measure wood hardness in pounds of force. Many different species of wood that are of many different hardness levels are used in the manufacturing of hardwood floors.  Wood hardness testing comes a bit late when a new hardwood floor is installed and it becomes indented by high heel shoes a pebble, furniture legs or other method. [Read more...]

Wood Flooring Disputes

Wood Flooring Disputes: Should You Choose Court Trial Or Arbitration?

By Blake R. Nelson

If you’ve entered into a contract with a customer, chances are good that you’ve approved via your signature some sort of dispute resolution—maybe you agreed that disputes will be heard at a particular location, or maybe you agreed to a specific form of dispute resolution. Did you realize that?

Parties often simply sign the agreement without reviewing or weighing the advantages or disadvantages involved with the chosen dispute resolution method. However, all contractors should have a basic understanding of the potential pros and cons associated with arbitrating a dispute instead of litigating it in court. Let’s take a look at both so you have a basic understanding of how they might affect your business.
Arbitration Pros
[Read more...]

Veneer Checks in Wood

Understanding and Minimizing Veneer Checking on Furniture Panels


Craig L. Forbes

Assistant Professor and Wood Products Extension Specialist

North Carolina State University

A commonly occurring and costly problem in wood furniture manufacturing is the development of small cracks in the furniture’s finish called veneer checks. Veneer checks usually appear as uniformly spaced hairline cracks in the finish or, in severe cases, cracks with accompanying ridges on the wood surface which actually can be detected by touch. In any case, veneer checks always run parallel with the grain of the wood (Figure 1), a characteristic that can be used to distinguish veneer checks from other defects. Random orientation of cracks in the finish (not parallel to the wood grain) generally indicates non-wood-related causes. [Read more...]

Laminate or Real Wood Floors

laminate vs real woodLaminate or real wood flooring is a decision that we may find ourselves faced with. Whether you have just built a new home, or are considering a change to your current flooring, perhaps you are intrigued by the addition of wood. There is nothing more classic than hardwood floors. It is found in the most expensive of homes and lends a certain charm to every room. Real wood flooring, while beautiful, is also expensive. It may or may not be the right choice for you. This article will explore the terms laminate and wood flooring and why you should be familiar with their individual meanings. [Read more...]

Filling Gaps in Prefinished Wood Floors

filling-cracks-in-wood-flooringFilling gaps in prefinished wood floors, should I need  to? It is normal for a prefinished wood floor or any other flooring to expand and contract and you will get gaps. Small gaps, cracks, dents and holes can occur in  wood flooring. Filling gaps in prefinished wood floors is really not hard and most anyone can do it. [Read more...]

Factory or Site Finished Wood

factory finished woodA troubling decision for many homeowners is the choice between  factory or site finished wood floor. If you are planning on purchasing a new hardwood floor you too may be wondering if flooring that is finished on site following installation is best or are you better off with a floor that comes with a factory prefinished. There are advantages to each and listed here are several pros and cons that should help you choose the hardwood floor that is best for you. [Read more...]